Renters Warehouse
Having individual agents managing properties can be very risky. Working with Renters Warehouse will mitigate that risk while allowing your agents to keep the leasing fees and moreover keep the client if they ever chose to buy or sell again.
Let Your Clients Focus on Investing. Let Us Handle Management.
Renters Warehouse has partnered with RE/MAX as an approved supplier to bring you premiere property management services. Agents can earn up to $500 on each property management referral. Since Renters Warehouse specializes in renting, focusing solely on the area of property management –real estate agents can rest assured in their promise that they will never compete with them in buying or selling real estate.

As one of the largest and most awarded residential property management companies in the U.S., Renters Warehouse is the only property management firm focused on single-family rentals to be rated by Morningstar Credit Ratings, a nationally recognized statistical rating organization.

Not only does Renters Warehouse pay out for each client that signs up, but they’ll also share leads with the agents that they partner with –putting them in touch with people who may be interested in selling or buying income property; including tenants who may want to cycle out of renting.

We leverage technology to streamline the leasing experience from showings to lease signings to renewals. All maintenance and repairs are handled through our dedicated service team, resulting in a worry free, no hassle experience.

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Are You Ready to Submit a Property for Referral?
We have partnered with RE/MAX as part of a best-in-class, mutually beneficial Agent referral program. Qualified agents can earn commission when their clients sign up for our flat rate monthly management services. We’ll return the favor even more by sharing warm buying and selling leads. Everyone wins.

RE/MAX Agents can earn up to a $500 commission per new management contract* or earn $250 on a successful tenant placement.

*New clients only. Agents can earn $500 per unit on rental portfolios up to 10 properties and $400 per unit on rental portfolios between 11 and 25 properties. Please contact Noel Christopher in Portfolio Services for commissions on rental portfolio referrals over 25 units at